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Enterprise Hardware Solutions

For your convenience, some pieces of essential hardware can be ordered directly from VAS. These enterprise hardware products have already been made compatible with your software and will be more ready for use in their intended way. In some cases, these products may be purchased from other suppliers and then customized for your needs with help from VAS support afterwards. 

RuggON MT7000

With RuggON MT7000 and FeedWatch, your feeder benefits from an easy-to-use, ruggedized tablet that enables feed adjustments on the fly, feeding animals with the convenience of a ruggedized tablet that has an internal battery, and a reduced number of parts when compared to alternatives. Other specifications include a 7″ touchscreen display and WiFi capabilities.

Click here to review all hardware options that are compatible with FeedWatch.

RuggON PA-501B

WeighComp-enabled RuggON tablets provide a ruggedized Android solution that makes transaction management in your scale house easy for your truck drivers. With 10.1″ easily readable screens and a range of connectivity options, RuggON PA-501B tablets are purpose-built to support efficient, easy entry of data at the scale. 

Zebra’s new generation of TC mobile computers delivers the ultimate in rugged design, performance, and ease of use. The TC series’ ruggedized handheld’s work with Pocket CowCard and DC On Mobile for data entry cow-side utilizing a BT wand to scan the RFID tag. Choose between the TC52 and TC57 models depending on your performance needs.

Livestock identification is the basis for gathering and managing livestock information. Today it is also a cornerstone of official identification and in animal traceability, key to meeting the growing consumer demand to know the origin of food products. Allflex tags can be ordered in numerous combinations to suit your farm’s specific customizations such as color, logo and size for the ultimate bespoke cow application. Tags work in conjunction with Pocket CowCard, DC on Mobile, EID tag manager, parlor panel readers and BT wands.

The Allflex UTT3S is a completely re-engineered tag applicator, requiring less force to squeeze that makes it a safe, simple tool for all ages and experience levels. The UTT3S supports the following tags:

  • two-piece visual identification tags (VID)
  • Allflex two-piece electronic identification tags (EID)
  • Allflex monitoring ear tag

Find the hardware that suits your dairy's needs

Different VAS software products come with different hardware requirements — and options. Visit this page to see what you may need and where you can purchase it. 

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