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With DairyComp Consultant, you can:

  • View reporting on your client’s herd health and production to help them make better informed decisions on their dairy
  • Access, analyze and edit cow files 
  • Easily switch between your clients’ herd files to evaluate and compare trends
  • Efficiently absorb and evaluate data with customizable dashboards
Includes free FeedWatch Consultant license

We support you, so you can support your dairy clients

Benefit from extensive onboarding and support, including free training courses and additional, intensive courses designed to take your expertise to the next level.

  • Phone, chat, and text support, Monday to Friday, 7AM – 7PM Central Time
  • 24/7 self-support through our online VAS Community

Online DairyComp Courses

Self-paced DairyComp Courses:

Whatever your familiarity with DairyComp, you can count on a library of resources to learn more about navigation, commands and analysis tools. View them all by clicking here

Live Consultant Courses:

To take your DairyComp expertise further, VAS offers two supplementary, expert-led courses: DairyComp Basics and Transition Cow Analysis

Both courses are certified with the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, allowing industry professionals to earn yearly credits while gaining valuable VAS expertise. 

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