Delivery and Inventory
Tracking Made Easy

WeighComp provides an added level of assurance through traceable, electronic records of everything coming and leaving your operation. Spend less time hand-entering transactions, and more time maximizing your ROI.

Accurate, Stress-free
Shipments and Deliveries


Save 20% on hardware with purchase of WeighComp!


WeighComp simplifies the process of transaction management, saving you time, while giving you the power to better manage inventory and track shipments with ease ­­in VAS Pulse Platform.

  • Your greatest expense shouldn’t be a mystery –say goodbye to paper records and digitally track every transaction moving across your scale, never missing another load
  • Added level of assurance knowing who is coming on your farm and when
  • Save time! Spend less time entering handwritten transactions, and more time maximizing your ROI.
  • Easily review historical data on deliveries and shipments by vendor, commodity or load.

Simple. Easy. Convenient.

User-friendly interface, seamlessly guides you through entering deliveries


Digital record of every load of feed, milk, cattle manure and more that moves across your scale


Easy-to-use technology seamlessly guides truck drivers to enter transactions on ruggedized hardware


Spend more time tracking dry matter and cost – less time chasing down delivery details and hand-entering transactions


Transaction Management and Feed Inventory Management automatically accessible anywhere, anytime on the VAS PULSE Platform

Harvest Mode

The Harvest Mode feature makes harvest a breeze

  • Track harvest loads from the field digitally
  • Switch between multiple harvests or spot loads
  • View and approve harvests in VAS Pulse Platform

Connected technology delivers
optimized feed management

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What do you have?
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60% of your cost of production is related to feed –don’t manage it in the dark. With FeedWatch, you can feel confident each dollar you spend on feed is maximized. Plus, it integrates with WeighComp for a seamless inventory management experience.