Recommended Hardware and Accessories by VAS Product

VAS’s software solutions require complementary hardware and accessories to be implemented on farm. Some of these can be purchased directly through VAS, while others may be acquired elsewhere. Below you will find more information on what you may need, as well as links to some recommended options, when applicable. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us or reach out directly to your Farm Performance Consultant.

At minimum, DairyComp Unlimited users will need to have on-site a computer with recommended processing specifications.

Two mobile herd solutions, Pocket CowCard and DC on Mobile, are also available at no extra cost, allowing you and your staff to perform quick and easy cowside data entry, either through manual entry or with the aid of a wand. 

Your mobile solution may depend on your preference of a cloud-based or on-premise solution, or other factors unique to your operation. If you’re interested in adding either Pocket CowCard or DC on Mobile to your DairyComp setup, contact us or speak directly with your Farm Performance Consultant.

Click here for more information on current recommended hardware specifications for Pocket CowCard and DairyComp on Mobile.

Your required ParlorBoss hardware includes a scanner and mounted digital screen, all of which can be purchased directly from VAS. Contact us to learn more about ParlorBoss, or reach out directly to your Farm Performance Consultant.

The majority of your FeedWatch hardware will be purchased directly through VAS. These include your tablet, digital display, truck scale, and more. Our recommended setup will vary depending on various on-site factors including, but not limited to, your connectivity and scale.

If you are already a DairyComp customer, it is possible, but not recommended, to operate FeedWatch from the same computer you operate DairyComp.

Click here for more information on recommended specs.

WeighComp works in conjunction with your truck scale and most scale indicators. 

Click here for more information on recommended specs.

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