The world’s most
powerful Dairy herd
management tool

Trust your herd with the
world’s most powerful
herd management tool


The intelligence you need for profit-driven decision making

Tailored to your operation

Make bulletproof health and repro protocols so every cow gets what she needs

Save time with rapid batch entry and mobile worklists

Reveal problems and discover hidden value by using the powerful Command Line
to explore your data

Gain access to VAS Pulse Platform – your dairy’s dashboard for performance metrics and industry leading integrations

Your helping hand on-the-go

Bring animal information, data entry and worklists to the barn with the mobile app

Enter events and worklists online, or offline on a phone

Eliminate data entry errors by pairing the app with a RFID scanner

Pull up any cow’s health history standing next to her

DairyComp Consultant is the premier analysis tool for high-performance consultants.

Deep dive into dairy data to make the best recommendations on farms.


Analyze herd data a multitude of ways for profit-driven recommendations

Consult whenever, wherever for effective management

Efficiently evaluate data with uniformity via customization options


Benefit from world-class herd management software no matter the size or scale of your operation


Our mobile technology allows you to pair with a device for fast, accurate cow side data entry


Solve and identify problems with comprehensive analytics and commands


Access product support the way you want it – online, phone, text or email. Gain access to Community, and connect with producers worldwide.

One-size-fits-all is a thing of the past.
Choose the program that works for you.

DairyComp Unlimited
On-Premise Software
Cloud-based Access
Reports and worklist gallery
Command Line
Items Management
Pen Management
View Milk Data/DRPC report
Assign RFID Tags
Customizable Item Cards
Embryo Management

One-size-fits-all is a thing of the past. Choose the program that works for you.

Learn why more than 15 million animals are managed with DairyComp.



Quickly and easily identify tasks that need to be performed while cows are milking – reducing lockup times and improving labor efficiency.

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