ECM – Leveraging Energy Corrected Milk in DairyComp

Energy Corrected Milk (ECM) is a powerful calculation that allows producers to evaluate their herd’s productivity and efficiency on a level playing field. ECM factors in pounds of milk, fat and protein to provide a value that accounts for those variables together, using a formula that adjusts to a 3.5% fat and 3.2% protein basis.

Why is ECM important?

Precision, precision, precision! When we consider milk weights and components separately, we are not getting the complete picture when it comes to performance. ECM allows you to more accurately assess efficiency and productivity, on a whole herd or group basis, for profitability-driven decisions that will impact milk and component production.

How can DairyComp help you start tracking Energy Corrected Milk?

DairyComp does the work of calculating ECM for you using your test day information loaded into the program through the RECEIVE command. To display and view it, simply follow these quick steps, or view our on-demand webinar where Craig Walter, VAS Education Specialist, will help guide you through the process.

Creating an ECM ITEM in DairyComp:

Go into ALTER and select ‘Items’, displayed as option 2.

In Items, click the ‘Add’ button.

Then enter ‘ECM’ in ‘Item Name’. Click Next.

Enter 85 in the ‘Item Type’ field. Click Next.

Enter which test day you want to evaluate in the ‘Value’ field. Click Next.

Positive numbers represent the first test day after freshening to the present, and negative numbers represent test days going back in time from the present. Your last test day would be -1, while your first would be 1.

Enter 2 for ECM in the ‘Value’ field. Click Next.

Enter a description of the Item – something to reflect which test date.

Click ‘OK’ to save the item and repeat for any other test day item needed.

So, whether you’re looking at ration strategy, cow environment, cow comfort, genetics and transition cow health on a whole herd or group basis, leverage ECM values to help guide your decision-making.

Looking to add 305 Day Values? Check out the webinar!

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