Do more with your milk

VAS helps deliver the full picture on your herd with milk recording services

Manage with precision, leveraging the only full-service milk recording organization in the country. VAS provides customized Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) testing packages and solutions that meet your operation’s needs including testing frequency, parlor setup and analysis tools. 

Sample Collection

Trained and certified Dairy Field Technicians record animal information and collect milk samples.

Laboratory Analysis

Milk samples are analyzed using state-of-the-art equipment at VAS’ milk laboratories.

Dairy Records Processing

Test data is aggregated into a variety of reports at VAS’ dairy records processing center.

Management Tools

Maximize genetic progress and make the most informed breeding decisions.


Learn more about our Herd Report Card

Manage sub-clinical and clinical cases of ketosis accurately and cost-effectively.


Learn more about KetoMonitor

Benchmark transition cow performance in your herd.

Learn more about our Transition Cow Package

Maintain optimal udder health to keep SCC in check.


Learn more about our Udder Health Package

VAS is uniquely positioned to provide your dairy a full-service solution to milk recording and herd management.

Certified by National DHIA

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