COWVAL for component-focused dairies has arrived!

Producers today are paid on more than just fluid milk volume. As component premiums and incentives become increasingly more common within the industry, especially for high component breeds and cross breed operations, producers need a tool that can calculate the value associated with high component-producing cows with more precision.

VAS has been working to provide DairyComp users with an updated COWVAL that accounts for the production of fat and protein, allowing producers to input their component premiums paid on fat and protein. This additional calculation allows for more comprehensive information when making management decisions.  


COWVAL 1.5 provides users the ability to run a new command COWVAL\F, which allows the producer to include fat and protein incentives in the COWVAL calculation.

The original COWVAL will still be offered, with no changes in calculations. To utilize COWVAL 1.5, include the F switch behind your command.


Once you Estimate Cow Value within the COWVAL\F module your CWVAL and PGVAL item values will be updated across your herd. 

NOTE: If the COWVAL command is part of your scheduled tasks be sure to update the COWVAL task to contain the F switch to calculate the new COWVAL 1.5 values. 

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