DairyComp’s COWVAL Helps You Make Better Drying and Culling Decisions

During these uncertain times, many hard-working producers are being told to cut their milk production. For those who’ve been asked, they now must weigh difficult management decisions and strategies.

VAS is here to help provide you the tools to make informed decisions. While there are many strategies to consider, one is making early dry-off and culling decisions. Use DairyComp to help identify candidates for early dry-off and create cull reports based on COWVAL and economic estimates.

By using the CWVAL command, you can rank your lowest performing cows based on reproduction, production, health events and more.

For more information on how to make the most of the COWVAL model on your farm, view our on-demand webinar with Craig Walter, VAS Education Specialist.

Update - COWVAL 1.5

The 20.8 DairyComp release included an update to COWVAL allowing producers to input their component premiums paid on fat and protein. Learn more about using COWVAL 1.5 on our blog post – COWVAL for component-focused dairies has arrived!

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