Vault Integration:
DairyComp & FeedWatch

VAS and Vault Technologies have partnered to strengthen the forecasting power of dairy farmers and educate them on what is yet to come. Combining farm data with future prices to create a two‑year forecast, Vault Technologies is now collaborating with VAS to automatically transfer your DairyComp and/or FeedWatch data into the Vault product.

Dairymen who take advantage of the VAS/Vault integration will be able to automatically pull vital milk production and feed cost data, saving time by eliminating double entry, increasing accuracy and the effectiveness of business decisions across the forward curve. The integration and partnership between VAS and Vault intensify the value of having accurate, up-to-date information at your fingertips, how and when you need it.

See the Features section below for details on how this VAS and Vault integration can help dairymen lock down milk prices well in advance and can contribute to an overall improved profit margin.


DairyComp ECON Report Data Sent to Vault & Displayed in “Milk Production” Page: DairyComp provides in‑depth projections of each month’s anticipated amount of milking animals, total milk production, estimated live females born, and more. These detailed projections are displayed within Vault’s Milk Production Page, removing the need for double‑entry and building more confidence when forecasting the dairy’s production targets.

FeedWatch Target Animal Costs and Feeding Summaries Sent to Vault: In FeedWatch, users can specify their Animal Target Cost for how much they aim to feed each individual animal. FeedWatch also tracks how many animals are being fed based on feeding groups. Vault will receive that data and use it to populate cost‑per‑month within the Feed Expenses and Feeding Group summaries, removing the need for double‑entry and building more confidence when forecasting the dairy’s production.


  • One-directional export from DairyComp & FeedWatch:
    • DC Monthly Update at beginning of month
    • FW Daily Update
  • Data points from DairyComp include:
    • Cows in Milk, current & future – ECON Report
    • Milk Production, monthly or testday total
    • Fat, monthly or testday average
    • Protein, monthly or testday average
    • Other solids (if available), monthly or testday average
  • Data points from FeedWatch include:
    • Animal Target Costs
    • Pen Name
    • Primary Pen Type (heifer, milking, dry, etc.)
    • Cow Count (per pen)


  • Both VAS and Vault Technologies made a commitment to their partnership in June 2018 at the Connect Summit; they are announcing their integration between VAS’s DairyComp and FeedWatch and Vault Technologies for release in April 2019. The integration will strengthen the forecasting power available to dairy farmers to be more educated for what is yet to come.

    Vault Technologies empowers dairymen by combining farm data with future prices to create a two-year forecast. In collaboration with VAS, the integration automatically transfers the dairy’s production and feed data from VAS’s software programs to populate within Vault’s software to intensify the value of having accurate, up-to-date information for important business decisions.

    Dairymen can view the combined data in one place to make more informed strategic choices for future markets.


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