Nedap Integration:
VAS Pulse Platform, DairyComp, and ParlorComp


Nedap and VAS have been working together extensively for years. Recently, we have further strengthened our relationship by enhancing the level of integration between the VAS Pulse Platform and the Nedap heat and health monitoring systems. The advanced integration enables both parties to further support and empower dairy farmers around the globe.

Through this integration, detailed, heat and health data generated by Nedap CowControl sensors and associated technology is presented and evaluated within VAS applications. Simultaneously, data from VAS programs seamlessly flows into Nedap software

For those using both VAS and Nedap systems, added value is created. It helps dairy farmers in decision making based on reliable and real time information, both on operational and strategic levels, and allows them to manage their herd efficiently through one portal.

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Nedap CowControl™

Nedap CowControl™ is the most precise and complete herd monitoring solution. An all-in-one solution, Nedap’s SmartTag Neck combines identification, heat detection, health monitoring, herd performance trends and cow locating in a single collar device. It helps to maximize herd performance and farm efficiency by boosting reproduction results, cow health, labor efficiency and farm management.



The widget displays delivery details for the previous 14 days in the VAS Pulse Platform’s Dairy Dashboard, including the following details:

– Amount of milk delivered
– Milk composition details, including fat and protein percentages
– Milk testing results, such as somatic cell count (SCC) and milk urea nitrogen (MUN)

VAS Pulse Platform Integration

Multiple widgets make viewing Nedap CowControl on the VAS Pulse Platform easy

Dairy Dashboard Widget has three areas of interest:

  • Urgent attention: Animals that have been inactive (decreased eating and rumination behavior) for an extended amount of time are flagged as requiring immediate action.
  • Heat detection: The partner system flags animals as in heat or suspicious heat, and the VAS Pulse Platform categorizes the animal as in insemination period, or in voluntary waiting period, or pregnant, or suspicious.
  • Animals to check: Animals that show deviant eating, rumination or inactive behavior which might indicate a possible health issue are flagged as to be checked today.
  • Heat Detection CowCard Widget has a graph displaying events, increased activity, and suspicious activity.
  • Health and Management CowCard Widget displays live sensor data providing an up-to-date view of health-related details, including eating time, rumination percentage, and total inactive time by date. If the animal is outfitted with a leg band, the VAS Pulse Platform also provides lying time and standing and step counts. 

DairyComp Integration:

Integration of specific animal lists from DairyComp into Nedap dairy management system –

Automatic drafting of specific cows for treatment and/or routing cows to their pen or to pasture.

Quickly and easily  locating cows needing attention or treatment using Nedap Cow Locating. Dairy farmer can see and follow their real-time position on his barn map via PC, tablet or smartphone.


VAS and Nedap have also integrated scanning and identification technologies that make it easier for operations that already have Nedap infrastructure to incorporate VAS ParlorBoss. ParlorBoss is a VAS-exclusive technology that serves up custom, color-coded information on each cow as it nears the end of the rotary related to health, treatment and breeding to more efficiently sort the cow, either back to its pen or to the appropriate treatment area.


Allows dairies to use existing Nedap scanning and ID technology to simplify and reduce the expense related to the deployment of ParlorBoss

Nedap – Maximize dairy herd performance and farm efficiency

Nedap Livestock Management is the global leader in farming automation using individual animal identification. For over 40 years and counting, Nedap

  • Easily identify animals in heat and animals to check with alerts sent from Nedap CowControl to both DairyComp and the VAS Pulse Platform
  • Heat cycle graphs from Nedap viewable in VAS software gives producers additional reproduction insights help dairy farmers to find cows with irregular heats, non-cycling cows and non-pregnant cows.
  • Nedap reports on eating and rumination behavior of individual cows are easily viewable in VAS software to help with individual health management for early detection of health issues, intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery. Gain insight into feed intake and nutritional status of individual cows.

VAS – At the heart of your dairy

VAS is the global market leader in dairy management software and consulting services. An innovative technology company, VAS provides on-premise and cloud solutions, business intelligence, analytics and integrations to efficiently manage dairy operations. Every day VAS is transforming dairy operations with connected technology, intelligence and analytics that enhance the profitability of producers around the world. To learn more about VAS visit our about page.

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