Förster-Technik Integration:
VAS Pulse Platform

As market leader in their areas, Förster-Technik and VAS have teamed up to exchange data for calves to streamline the working process of modern dairy farmers. With this partnership, there is a permanent cloud-to-cloud data exchange between the VAS Pulse Platform and Förster-Technik’s calf-cloud.com.

Newly registered calves receive their VAS platform number from the farm workers and the information is transferred to the automatic calf feeder for registration.

In the other direction, comprehensive lists of all calves on milk, feed intake status and alarm levels are retrieved and loaded into your VAS programs. Finally, after the rearing is over, within VAS Pulse Platform the Förster-Technik “rearing success chart” is available. The rearing success chart offers the herd manager an instant judgement of how healthy the calf was and how they performed as a wet calf. With key indicators like total consumption, allowance ratio, growth performance, health issues etc., managers can also use the success chart to determine which breeding strategy makes the most sense.

By connecting Förster-Technik and VAS technologies, producers gain meaningful management insights.


VAS Pulse Platform offers four unique Förster-Technik data-driven widgets to track and display the following information:

– Calf Rearing Characteristics – includes calf data such as birth date, projected wean date, parentage, weight, and feeding details

– Drinking Behavior – shows the volume of milk consumed per day

– Drinking Speed – shows how quickly the milk was consumed

– Milk Consumption – includes details for each individual feeding and how it compares to the calf’s entitlement, or milk allowance

To learn more about the Calf Cloud VAS PULSE integration watch our informational webinar. 


Förster-Technik has been the global pioneer and trendsetter for calf feeding since 1971. With headquarters in Engen, Germany and sales and support offices in Ontario, Canada, its systems are distributed throughout North America through the leading milking equipment brands. Förster-Technik offers products consisting of automatic feeding machines, such as VARIO smart for calves in groups, and fully-automated systems such as CalfRail for up to eight feedings a day, and Milk Trolley with 120 and 200 L. capacity for manual feedings.

The available options consist of automatic calibration, electronic animal scale, PC software and Cloud/App connections. This allows the producer to save on labor, feed better calves as future cows, and have all reports and intake control in order.

The latest development includes a free of charge www.calf-cloud.com option for every machine, as well as the CalfApp GO! and CalfApp VITAL with Bluetooth thermometer coupling. More information on the various products is available at www.foerster-technik.com

VAS – At the heart of your dairy

VAS is the global market leader in dairy management software and consulting services. An innovative technology company, VAS provides on-premise and cloud solutions, business intelligence, analytics and integrations to efficiently manage dairy operations. Every day VAS is transforming dairy operations with connected technology, intelligence and analytics that enhance the profitability of producers around the world. To learn more about VAS visit our about page.

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