This integration is powered by Nedap CowControl™, the most precise and complete herd monitoring solution. An all-in-one solution, combining identification, heat detection, health monitoring, herd performance trends and cow locating in a single device. It helps to maximize herd performance and farm efficiency by boosting reproduction results, cow health, labor efficiency and farm management


  • Exchange of basic animal data with no double entry between your activity monitoring system and VAS software – DairyComp and VAS Pulse Platform
  • Easily identify animals in heat and animals to check with alerts sent from your activity monitoring system to both DairyComp and the VAS Pulse Platform
  • Heat cycle graphs from the activity monitoring system are viewable in VAS software gives producers additional reproduction insights help dairy farmers to find cows with irregular heats, non-cycling cows and non-pregnant cows.
  • Reports on eating and rumination behavior of individual cows are easily viewable in VAS software to help with individual health management for early detection of health issues, intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery. Gain insight into feed intake and nutritional status of individual cows.

VAS Pulse Platform Integration

  • Multiple widgets make viewing your the activity monitoring system powered by Nedap CowControl™ on the VAS Pulse Platform easy


    Dairy Dashboard Widget has three areas of interest:

    • Urgent attention: Animals that have been inactive (decreased eating and rumination behavior) for an extended amount of time are flagged as requiring immediate action.
    • Heat detection: The partner system flags animals as in heat or suspicious heat, and the VAS Pulse Platform categorizes the animal as in insemination period, or in voluntary waiting period, or pregnant, or suspicious.
    • Animals to check: Animals that show deviant eating, rumination or inactive behavior which might indicate a possible health issue are flagged as to be checked today.
    • Heat Detection CowCard Widget has a graph displaying events, increased activity, and suspicious activity.
    • Health and Management CowCard Widget displays live sensor data providing an up-to-date view of health-related details, including eating time, rumination percentage, and total inactive time by date. If the animal is outfitted with a leg band, the VAS Pulse Platform also provides lying time and standing and step counts.


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