Explore the power of mobile herd management

Are you maximizing efficiency on your dairy?

That may be one of the most frequently asked questions you hear as a dairy farmer. You’ve asked yourself this question countless times and implemented protocols, technology, training or people to streamline workflows.

If you’re currently using one of VAS’ herd management solutions, DairyComp Unlimited or MyDC on PULSE™, leveraging the mobile solutions included in your subscription can help unlock more efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

Increase workflow efficiency

While there are a few ways to use our mobile herd management solutions, one of the most powerful ways to achieve efficiency is by pairing it with RFID technology, such as tags and RFID readers (wands) . Combining these two technologies can make vet checks and worklists easier, faster and more accurate.

How it works: With the mobile app, pull your worklist or vet list for the day in seconds , pair the device to a reader and begin scanning animals immediately. Once an animal is scanned, a visual and audio cue will indicate the action needed. For example: GNRH, preg check, cow for dry list (dry off ), cow for hoof trim (foottrim), etc.

Because the app provides the specific action needed, implementing this technology can reduce the number of passes it takes to complete tasks. You’ll boost labor efficiency and improve cow comfort by minimizing the time animals are in headlocks.

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Combine multiple worklists to reduce passes through pens or barns.

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Manage cowside

Mobile apps put herd data in the palm of your hand – allowing you and your team to enter events, validate pens, create worklists and look up individual cow details, all while you’re away from your computer.

These solutions also add an additional layer of transparency by showing who entered data or completed tasks with timestamps. This can keep your team connected and accountable on day-to-day tasks.

In addition, having data cowside makes working with your farm’s trusted partners easier. On breeding day, save time by granting your AI technician permission to download the necessary information. Batch record BRED events and add sire information with ease.

And even when you aren’t working cowside – you’ll still have convenient access to your herd’s information. Mobile access allows you to manage from afar or check in on your herd while you’re away.

Getting started

If you’re considering going mobile, ask yourself these questions to identify efficiency opportunities and determine what else you’ll need to get started.

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