How to implement a Selective Dry Cow Therapy program in DairyComp

Selective Dry Cow Therapy (SDCT) allows dairy producers to dry off cows while limiting their dependence on antibiotics. Given the cost of antibiotics, as well as potential shortages on items such as dry cow tubes, SDCT can benefit your bottom line as much as your efficiency and overall herd health. 

DairyComp’s Selective Dry Cow Therapy module gives you full visibility of which cows need attention, and which don’t, by leveraging the data you’re already entering into DairyComp. The module is customizable based on the parameters you set. Simply follow the steps highlighted in the video below or contact VAS Support to implement your SDCT program. 

To watch the entire free webinar with Dr. Rapnicki and VAS’ Craig Walter, click here

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