DCRC Platinum Winners Have One Thing in Common

This year’s Platinum winners of the Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council awards competition have one thing in common – they trust DairyComp to help keep their records and health events.

All six winners noted that they rely on DairyComp to help keep a record of health events which drive their dairy’s positive breeding outcomes.

“We utilize Dairy Comp 305 for our record keeping and record health events weekly,” said Andy Fisher of the importance of herd health records. “Even with our overcrowded pens, we have under 2% retained placentas (RPs) and less than 1% milk fever. We have not had a displaced abomasum (DA) in the herd in close to two years,” the Reedsville, Wis., dairyman went on to say. “Animals with any health event at calving are monitored closely to be sure we get them pregnant on time. Also, heats and breedings are entered daily by the breeder.”

Learn more about the 2020 winners and how health events play a major role in their breeding outcomes in the article by Hoard’s Dairyman.

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