Integrations with Supervisor Systems, MicroTechnologies and AgSource Deliver New Features Across VAS Platform, DairyComp and FeedWatch

Tulare, Calif.Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) has announced a series of new product integrations and platform improvements that will increase the depth in which dairies are able to control various animal health factors, optimize feeding and nutrition, and curb the risks of ketosis.

These new integrations include partnerships with some of the industry’s most respected brands, including MicroTechnologies, Supervisor Systems and AgSource.

Supervisor Systems’ HoofSupervisor – DairyComp

New to DairyComp is an integration with Supervisor Systems’ HoofSupervisor that gives users important data to improve the long-term hoof health of their herd while identifying specific causes of lameness. The addition of HoofSupervisor data into the DairyComp dashboard will save dairymen time by not having to manually enter hoof trim information for each cow, while historical trimming data will be accessible along with all animal health records.Other benefits of the partnership and integration include:

  • The ability to identify and focus on operational areas that can be modified to lower lameness levels.
  • Real-time insights leading to improved preventive maintenance trimming schedules.
  • Deeper understanding of connections between hoof health and other animal health factors.
  • Follow-up protocols automatically assigned and recorded.
MicroTechnologies Pro Control Batching software – FeedComp

VAS and MicroTechnologies have partnered to integrate the best of FeedComp’s feed management and delivery technology and Pro Control Batching software’s micro batching system. The union of the two platforms will give dairy operations full control over herd nutrition, rations and feed inputs.Through the integration, Pro Control will receive all ration data through FeedComp, then automate the process of batching feed, dispensing it at the optimal time. Additionally, all mechanically loaded inputs are automatically dispensed while those added manually are outlined in detail for the operator, minimizing the risk for any user errors. On operations that use stationary mixers, Pro Control ensures optimal mix time, creating a consistent, uniform ration. Once the ration is out for delivery, Pro Control hands the ration data back to FeedComp to ensure accurate delivery to the appropriate group of animals.Other features of the integration include:

  • Liquids being dispensed automatically rather than manually, saving time and reducing human error.
  • Facilitates the use of separate scales for pre-weighing liquid ingredients, saving even more time and further increasing accuracy.
  • Automatic dumping of stationary mixer systems keeps drivers in vehicles and saves time.
AgSource KetoMonitor – VAS Platform

The VAS Platform, the cloud-based service that delivers real-time insights on more than 9.5 million animals to more than 2,400 active users, now offers direct access to AgSource’s KetoMonitor ketosis monitoring data. This comprehensive management tool combines laboratory analysis and individual cow data, collected weekly or on the monthly test day, to provide producers with an estimate of a herd’s monthly ketosis prevalence.Additional integration elements consist of:

  • Identifying when blood testing or therapeutic treatments should be implemented.
  • Cost-effective management tools to help curb the costly impacts of ketosis.

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VAS Platform Expands with Greater Mobile Data Entry Capabilities, Multi-Company Dashboard and Industry Partner Data

Tulare, Calif.Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) has announced significant new updates to the VAS Platform that expands its mobile data entry capabilities, provides more dynamic reporting and viewing capabilities, and adds considerable performance features not available in any other comprehensive solution. The VAS Platform provides dairy operators with real-time access to critical data and reporting from anywhere with an internet or cellular connection, and is composed of three central programs — DairyComp, FeedComp and ParlorComp — that bring together the three areas of each dairy with the greatest affect on profitability.

New capabilities announced for the first time at World Dairy Expo 2019 include:

New Multi-Company Dashboard

The new multi-company dashboard allows dairies with multiple sites and operations throughout its enterprise to bring together all of their data into a single interface, and report out on and analyze that data easily. This includes the ability to build dashboards that are wholly comprehensive of the entire enterprise, broken down by individual site/location, or developed across the enterprise based on specific key performance indicators or demographics.

Feed Bunk Scoring

Employees can now enter real time input on the amount of feed remaining in each pen to adjust the amount of feed distributed at the next feeding accordingly. It also now allows users to edit ingredient mixing orders, as well as dry matter (DM) and as-fed (AF) quantities, via their mobile device.

Cowside Entry

The VAS Platform now supports greater cowside data entry capabilities via any mobile device, allowing employees to populate data points in real time and have a more immediate affect on the success and efficiency of the operation. This also allows anyone with the VAS Platform on their mobile device to enter data without being restricted by a number of licenses — and dairies set rules and limits based on each user to ensure accurate data is being input by the proper employees. The app makes it easy to add animals individually or in bulk, either by searching for them manually or by using a scanner.     

Embryo Transfer Support

The VAS Platform now includes support for embryo transfers — users can enter embryo transfers via the mobile app, which then sends the updates directly into DairyComp. Users can now enter data specific to donor, sire, technician, breeding code, stage, grade, storage, type, breed and age. And the VAS Platform browser allows users to filter the inventory and output reports that make it easier to find embryos by their desired characteristics.

Command Line

Legacy users who depend on the Command Line functionality within DairyComp will be excited to know that Command Line is now available on the VAS Platform via the browser interface. The current Command Line functionality in the VAS Platform supports SHOW, LIST, SUM and COUNT commands. Additional commands will be added in future platform updates.

Items Definition Page

The new DairyComp Items Definitions Page displays detailed information on all items configured in DairyComp, including any custom or dairy-specific items. DairyComp items capture specific animal data points, including numbers, dates, animal status and milk production details critical to managing the herd.

Protocols Page

The new Platform Protocols page lists on the platform all drug and treatment protocols that are configured in on-premise DairyComp. Protocols allow dairies to take a more structured approach when recording and treating disease. The DairyComp protocol table keeps track of protocol details including disease, treatment, pen number, etc.

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