The VAS Platform can be used as an APP installed on a mobile device or from a browser on any device.

The VAS Platform app and on a web browser both have specific functionality.  The APP is used for work on the dairy, while the browser is for management and analysis.  The VAS Platform is included in your yearly subscription, however you must contact Platform Support to enroll and start accessing your data. With the functionality of the VAS Platform always growing, here is a summary of the current functionality of each.APPThe VAS Platform APP is primarily used for work on the dairy; look up cow information, work lists and cowside events with scanning or manual entry of cow ID. When deciding whether a function belongs on the mobile app, there are two main criteria;  Do you need to be able to use it offline?  Does it require a scanner?  If either of these are yes, we will develop it for the APP.   The VAS Platform APP can be used on or offline and has the ability to work with a paired bluetooth device to make scanning and working with animals even easier. Some of the current functions of the APP:

  • View a cow record
  • View customized item boxes
  • View and graph testday results
  • View all lactation totals
  • View daily milk for last 7 days
  • Worklists – used to find animals for daily attention Enter events – BRED, MOVE, DIED, HEAT, OK, OPEN, PREG, RECHK, SOLD, XID
  • Enter Embryo Transfer Events

More features are continuously being added to the VAS Platform APP. The APP can be downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play Store.BrowserThe VAS Platform accessed through a browser can be used for management and analysis. The VAS Platform brings together your most important feed, herd, parlor and industry partner data into a single web-based platform. Some of the current functions on the VAS Platform on any browser are:Herd

  • View a cow record
  • Customize/organize item boxes and choose to send to the app
  • View events for all lactations
  • View and graph all lactation testdays
  • View and graph all lactation totals together or separate
  • View and graph daily milk for the last 7 days
  • View pen changes throughout all lactations
  • Customizable Dairy Dashboard
  • Worklists – view percent completed as work is performed, avatar of who completed task
  • Command Line – SHOW, LIST, SUM, COUNT
  • Company Dashboard – multiple dairies in one view, customizable
  • View and filter to see list of transferred Embryos
  • View item definitions
  • Industry Partner data/widgets


  • Customizable Dairy Dashboard
  • View Ingredient s and details
  • View Inventory and Projections with details
  • Edit DM% of ingredients and by location
  • Equipment export after changes
  • Change recipe mixing order
  • View and Change DM and AF quantities
  • Bunk scoring – see last 4 days intake and can edit animals fed and target DM/HD

Once enrolled on the VAS Platform you can access your data from any browser with your login.

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