New ParlorBoss and ParlorWatch 2.0 features provide dynamic new opportunities to streamline milking, animal health and washing systems.Tulare, Calif.Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) has now integrated ParlorComp — the web-based evolution of its desktop-based ParlorWatch software — into the VAS Platform. The VAS Platform also integrates with the company’s DairyComp and FeedComp software solutions to create a powerful web-based platform that provides comprehensive access to critical dairy data from any computer or device with an internet/data connection.

ParlorComp allows dairymen to monitor a broad range of factors, including milk production (by cow, by pen, rolling averages, variations, etc.) and milk quality (proper cleaning procedures, milk temperatures, etc.), to make important and timely decisions about the management and performance of the dairy. New enhancements to ParlorComp include ParlorBoss and new parlor washing management capabilities aimed at streamlining milking, animal care and system washing.Highlights of the latest release of the VAS Platform include:


ParlorBoss is a new technology that leverages RFID tags in the cow’s ID tag to improve the counting/organization/placement of the cows by pen, and to display critical information about the cow as she enters the milking area — including color-coded directions on required tasks specific to that cow that can be performed at that time. The ability to more quickly identify errors in pens, and to efficiently treat the cow while staging in the milking parlor helps to minimize lockup times and ensure that the cow spends more time in environments conducive to milk production.

ParlorWatch 2.0

ParlorWatch 2.0 provides dairy producers with a whole new way of monitoring the wash process to ensure that it is operating as it is meant to be. This includes monitoring the volume and speed of the water in the cleaning process, monitoring chemical levels — both in storage and in the wash itself, and reporting on the status of equipment in the cleaning process to identify any changes in performance or operation that might be indicative of a failure in the system that needs to be fixed/corrected. Alerts allow dairymen to be proactive in addressing these issues to protect the integrity of their milk products, and the data recorded also feeds reports that provide dairies with historical information on the quality of their milk production.Both of these new features are now available as part of ParlorComp, as well as the full VAS Platform. For more information, visit

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