Tulare, CAParlorBossWe have installed new systems in Colorado, Arizona and will be installing in Utah the beginning of May. We are finishing the first rewrite of the PB software and will be installing the Beta version the end of April. We are bringing in the addition of a photo eye to verify empty stalls and assist in the accuracy of our stalls/animals read. We are starting to begin the layout of equipment for introducing ParlorBoss into the parallel parlors. We have several customers that are inquiring of bringing this to their parlors. In the parallel parlors we will not be enabling tasks as of now, we will be using the ParlorBoss system for pen corrections and correcting pen counts.ParlorWatchWe are working on the integration of EID panels to force pen changes. We are trying to get away from the standard pushbutton that was a customer complaint area. We are currently working on building the system to merge gracefully into the platform format. We are working on the layout out reports and giving the user the ability to choose what areas are to be seen and customize the reports with what information is recorded.CVMS (chemical volume measuring system)We have tested the level sensors to verify the range and accuracy with positive results. We have 3 units for ordered for our local test facility and have communicated with the manufacturer of the products that the sensors will be used in. We will be installing the CVMS units in May for testing alongside the WashDog system.WashDogWe just received the material on 5/1. We will be going onsite to layout the project and hope to have the unit installed by mid-May. We will be installing all systems at the test site and will start reporting progress within the month.

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