Tulare, Calif., February 11, 2020 — Valley Agricultural Software (VAS), the global market leader in dairy management software, announced two major new integrations for the company’s DairyComp management software platform with Smartbow and Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company.

These new partner integrations give DairyComp users access to new data about their herd and operation that is aimed at increasing animal wellbeing and producer profitability.

Zoetis SMARTBOW – DairyComp

SMARTBOW® from Zoetis is an ear tag-based sensor system that monitors rumination, accurately detects heats and tracks animal location in real-time. The SMARTBOW ear tags continuously transmits individual animal data to an on-farm server. Within the server this data is analyzed to create meaningful insights and alerts. These insights are designed to help dairy producers enhance animal health and wellbeing, maximize productivity and manage labor.

Accurate rumination monitoring (97-99 percent) can aid dairy producers in monitoring cow health. This creates the potential for producers to identify and manage health issues earlier, enhancing animal wellbeing and minimizing impacts on production.

Highly accurate heat detection (accuracy of 96 percent) through monitoring of individual cow activity provides potential to increase insemination success and reduce labor required to manage reproduction. Real-time localization means cows in heat, or requiring individual attention, can be found quickly and easily.

With the integration of SMARTBOW and DairyComp, dairies can enter a range of information into DairyComp and that information will automatically migrate to the SMARTBOW system.

This includes:

In addition, the heat alerts and rumination alerts generated by the SMARTBOW system automatically appear in DairyComp and can be visualized.

SMARTBOW activity and rumination data can be viewed as graphs in DairyComp. This bi-directional integration reduces double entry of data and simplifies working across the two systems.

DairyComp can manage data from multiple SMARTBOW servers, where applicable.

SomaDetect – VAS Platform

Now also available on VAS Platform is an integration with SomaDetect. SomaDetect’s precision sensor technology and algorithm will help producers analyze critical milk quality data at every milking. Through the integration, cow identification data from VAS software is transferred back to SomaDetect’s system, enabling the company’s algorithms to be linked to the correct cow.

These algorithms then provide analytics on somatic cell counts, pregnancy status and reproduction, disease presence, contamination and milk quality.

The presence of SomaDetect’s in-line sensors is required for users to leverage the integration.

Förster-Technik CalfCloud - VAS Platform

The VAS Platform is now fully synchronized with Förster-Technik’s CalfCloud software, which will give users greater visibility and insight about their animals from birth to milking. Now, through the VAS Platform, users will be able to see updates and analytics on calf milk consumption and growth while also automatically having new calves sent to their Förster system with important animal information.

The platform integration offers four unique Förster-Technik data-driven widgets to track and display the following information: 

  • Calf Rearing Characteristics, including calf data such as birth date, projected wean date, parentage, weight, and feeding details
  • Drinking Behavior, which shows the volume of milk consumed per day
  • Drinking Speed, which shows how quickly the milk was consumed
  • Milk Consumption, including details for each individual feeding and how it compares to the calf’s entitlement, or milk allowance

The integration makes overseeing an animal’s transition from calf to cow seamless between the VAS Platform and Förster’s CalfCloud offering.

For more information about VAS, its partners and corresponding integrations, visit our integrations page.

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