Tulare, Calif.Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) has announced two new data integrations with DairyComp and the VAS Platform that will streamline data entry and analysis, and help more easily make critical decisions affecting dairy operations. This includes new data integrations with Nedap for animal heat and health management, and Vault for more accurate forecasting abilities based on real-time milk production and feed costs.

Nedap and DairyComp

VAS and Nedap currently integrate heat data to guide dairy farmers on optimal insemination windows, and health data and alerts that allow for immediate treatment of health issues before they become bigger problems. New elements of the integration include:

  • A new heat cycle graph that provides additional reproduction insights to help dairy operators find cows with irregular heats, non-cycling cows and non-pregnant cows.
  • Reports on eating and rumination behavior of individual cows. This allows for individual health management for early detection of health issues, intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery, as well as insight into feed intake and the nutritional status of individual cows.
  • Integration of specific animal lists from DairyComp into the Nedap dairy management system that allows for the automatic drafting of specific cows for treatment and/or routing cows to their pen or pasture; and the ability to quickly and easily locate cows needing attention or treatment — the dairy farmer can see and follow their real-time position on the barn map via and device with a web or data connection.

Vault and DairyComp/FeedComp

Originally announced at Connect 2018, the partnership between VAS and Vault now integrates information directly from DairyComp and Feedcomp into Vault to strengthen the accuracy/immediacy of data to make more strategic and data-based business decisions. This includes importing milk production from DairyComp to Vault for current and projected milk values for the nest two years, and importing feed data for actual vs. targeted feed costs.These are two of the first data integrations launched with the new VAS Platform, allowing dairies to have access to critical information related to their business available anytime, anywhere, via any web or data-enabled computer or mobile device.

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