As feed costs rise, feed management software is key for dairy producers to maximize their investment

In recent years, the dairy industry has experienced a steady increase in feed costs, spurred by changes in climate patterns and supply chain disruptions, as well as shifting consumer demand. As a result, producers are feeling the pressure to find new ways to optimize their feed management strategies and cut costs. One way farmers can better manage their feed program is with the help of a feed management software program.

Feed management software helps dairy producers manage inventory and optimize their feed production and usage. Programs like FeedWatch offer a wide range of benefits, including increased efficiency, better collaboration and reporting and improved animal health.


Improved efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of using a feed software, offering improved workflows and minimizing human error whenever possible. With a dependable feed software program, you can automate or streamline many of the tasks involved in feed management, such as feed formulation, inventory management and delivery scheduling. This automation not only saves time but also helps reduce waste and shrink while improving overall feed quality.


Another key benefit of feed software is improved collaboration. Many feed software solutions are cloud-based, which means that multiple users can access and update the same data in real-time from different locations. This feature allows for better communication and coordination between producers, employees and nutritionists involved in the feed production and delivery process.

Animal health

Feed software can support your focus on animal health. By optimizing feed formulation and ensuring that animals receive the proper rations, producers can improve production, reduce the incidence of disease and increase overall animal health.

Why FeedWatch?

FeedWatch is a comprehensive feed software solution that offers a wide range of tools and features to help producers manage their feed production and usage. Key features of FeedWatch include:

  • Feed formulation: FeedWatch uses a powerful feed formulation tool that allows producers to create custom feed recipes based on their specific animal nutrition requirements. Enter details such as ingredient dry matter percentage (DM%), ingredient cost, ingredient quantity per head and FeedWatch will calculate your DM per head and recipe DM%. The recipe DM%, pen target DMHD and pen count are then used to calculate the quantity required by ingredient for each load to be fed for one or multiple pens. 
  • Inventory management: FeedWatch features robust inventory management tools that help producers keep track of feed ingredients and finished products. These tools allow producers to monitor inventory levels in real-time, track usage and shrink, and ensure that they always have enough feed on hand to meet demand.
  • Delivery scheduling: FeedWatch includes a delivery scheduling tool that helps producers coordinate feed delivery to their farms. The software allows producers to schedule deliveries based on factors such as feed usage rates, delivery capacity and weather conditions.

Feed software is more essential than ever in today’s challenging agricultural landscape. By automating many of the tasks involved in feed management, improving collaboration between stakeholders, and optimizing feed formulations, producers can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve animal health. And with its comprehensive set of tools and features, FeedWatch is an excellent choice for any producer looking to take their feed management to the next level.

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