CafoPro specializes in environmental management & regulatory compliance to >330 facilities tracking dairy operations for accurate, up-to-date reporting that is compliant with both EPA & state regulations as well as managing when maintenance is due.

Overall Benefit of VAS and CafoPro Collaborating Together

  • DairyComp data automatically transferred:
    • Removes double entry, increasing accuracy
  • Improved CafoPro calculations for:
    1. Milk & manure production
    2. Record compliance & regulation documentation
  • Improved insight on dairy water & electricity usages for sustainability KPIs, monitoring, and identify areas of improvement.

Features and Functions

  • One-directional export from DairyComp (via Squirrel) to CafoPro website
  • Monthly update
  • Data points from DairyComp include:
    • COUNT: Animal Head Count based on REPRO
    • REPRO: Heifer, milking, dry
    • AGE: Heifer counts based on AGE in months
    • Avg Milk: lbs/day, monthly average or Testday average
    • SCC: monthly average, if available

Relating company: EnviroAg

Enviro-Ag created the CafoPro program as they saw a need in the field for consulting team focusing on engineering, drafting, surveying, nutrient management, animal science, regulatory permitting and compliance. They can assess the needs of your facility and help you implement Best Management Practices and Standard Operating Procedures to enhance regulatory compliance and improve sustainability a need in the field.

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